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The Upside to Lockdown

Mar 31, 2020 | Tips & Tools | 0 comments

After our President, Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation and announced lockdown, we couldn’t help but feel discouraged and negative about COVID 19 and what lockdown would have in store for us…not only as small business owners but as friends, colleagues and all the other roles we play as individuals, part of society.

The days leading up to the lockdown, in preparation for what was to come, we took a step back and assessed what it is exactly that we are feeling and why it is that we feel this way?

We are so integrated and interconnected that feeling a separation and a collapse of this unity made us feel insecure and terrified. Is it the bareness of our identities and the fact that we put so much emphasis on this union of friendships and the importance of status? Or is the fact that we feel like we’ve been coerced to slow down and reassess our identity and what we deem to be important, in isolation?

This weakened our resolve and we realized that we were maybe, just maybe, seeing the glass half empty. Yes lockdown sucks, but have you ever looked at this situation as being beneficial in some way? We started brainstorming with a renewed positive energy and outlook and realized that there is so much to be grateful for and beyond gratitude there are actual benefits during this time of stillness… Here are our top 5 upsides to lockdown;


1. Save

Have you ever thought how much we spend on a daily basis on things we don’t actually need… Think about it, 2 coffees, lunch… and before you know it you’ve spent your daily budget. Think of how much you will save during this time… Now plan that getaway! Doesn’t that feel good!?

2. Self exploration

Whether this is meditation or prayer, we strongly suggest doing some self exploring into your beautiful soul and higher self.

3. Find or actively work on a hobby

Most of us have something we love to do in our spare time…now you have plenty of that time! Divulge in creativity and garden, paint, write, cook and love every minute of it!

4. Educate or Read

Now is the time to take that online course, finish that uplifting book or work on your business plan for the coming months. There is always work to be done and planning to finish!

5. Spend quality time with your cohabitant or practicing self love

This will entail doing what you love together or for yourself. Maybe this includes doing a workout session together or cooking a romantic dinner? Maybe its taking that long bath and giving yourself time to heal…

“Stay strong, practice gratitude and a positive mindset & keep laughing” – Amé & Meagan


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