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Flatlay 101

Aug 1, 2019 | Content Creation, How To | 0 comments

Most of us have scrolled through Instagram and seen an incredible flatlay that made us want to grab a camera and try it out ourselves!

A perfect flatlay is carefully put together with purpose, yet tells a stylish story! Let’s look at some flatlay tips to make you a PRO!

01: Keep It Basic

Use a background that compliments the products or props that will be featured. Backgrounds like marble tiles, wooden counters, white bedding and neutral colours will work well with almost any product or prop featured.

02: Natural Light

An important rule when creating a flatlay is to always shoot in natural light. Mornings or afternoons are the perfect time, as midday lighting can be quite harsh and shadows can become a problem. Look for large windows and open spaces where the sunlight shines in.

03: Open Space

Always leave open space between each object to ensure the flatlay does not look too busy and cluttered.

04: Square Template

Although you can now load portrait or landscape on Instagram, it is recommended to use a square template as it helps with formation and balance when posting.

05: A Bird’s Eye View

It is recommended to shoot a flaylay from a bird’s eye view to ensure you get the best shot and all elements are in the frame. Layout your props on the floor or on a table and stand on a chair to be elevated over the layout. Then snap away!

06: Choose a Theme

When deciding on a flaylay, choose a theme that tells a story or depicts a certain scenario. For example, a day at the beach, what’s in my gym bag, top fashion accessories. When people see your flatlay they should be able to tell exactly what story you are trying to tell.

07: Pick a Colour Scheme

Choosing a theme and picking a colour go hand in hand. Stick to a colour scheme that goes with the theme or story you want to tell. If you are depicting fashion accessories that are mainly silver, then stick to colours that are mainly black and silver. If you are depicting a day at the beach, then choose colours that are white and blue.

08: Find Inspiration

Follow our Pinterest and Instagram pages to get your creative juices flowing.
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